Orthognathic Surgery Guide

Must Have Manual for Doctors and Patients

"Patient Guide To Orthognathic Surgery" How To Buy?

This is the Guide for Doctors and their Patients who planed to perform the corrective jaw surgery (Orthognathic Surgery). It is a step-by-step Patient Guide. Real patient post-op rehabilitation extras included.


Real Patients, Real Surgical Cases
Benefits Of This Book

This well illustrated guide to Corrective Jaw Surgery provides clear description of surgical and restorative stages, "Before and After" pictures, cases description and detailed CT-Scan and 3D images to fully understand the steps of your future orthognathic surgery. In the extras section you will find comprehensive description of healing process written by our patient.

Alexander Antipov, DDS About The Author


Dr. Antipov completed a four-year surgical and anesthesia training at the prestigious Montefiorte Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York after receiving his D.D.S. degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Southern California.

Dr. Antipov knows how personal and important these procedures are to every patient. He and his staff take special pride in providing the highest quality surgical skills and the most sensitive patient care.

Private practice of Dr Antipov in Roseville, CA

Amazon Readers Feedback
Reader's Experience

"Very informative book. Actually I did a lot of free search of this information all around the web and found nothing specific. The topics in the book run the gamut from an explanation of the surgery, including pictures of the surgical screws when removed, to the utensils required to maintain health and dental cleanliness. I am glad to have read this informative and well-written explanation of the process, and doctor's experience. I think every doctor doing jaw surgery should make this book available to their patients." — Alex K.

"Found very helpful information. Excellent book!" — Natalie T.